Frequent questions

A person from the organization will be waiting in the arrival hall with a sign indicating R50 SPAIN BIKES. There will be a transfer arranged for transportation to the hotel. Flights of the different components of the group may not coincide at the same time, therefor two transfers will be arranged, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so occasionally some waiting may occur at the airport.

You don’t need to be an expert, but it is convenient to know how to fix a flat tyre, although the guide will help in this task. Carrying a small kit for puncture repair is important as well as a small pump. All other possible breakdowns will be resolved by the guide.

It is a small snack, sometimes provided by the guide and on other occasions with a stop over at bars and restaurants along the way

We recommend carrying the minimum luggage and not bringing too many things, the ideal measure of suitcase is 70X50X30 cm and no more than 18-20 kg.

No, the support car will not follow the group during the routes, as for many of them access is impossible, but it will never be too far away in case any help is needed. In case different Hotels will be used on different days, the support van will collect the luggage to be transferred. On certain routes the van can go to the picnic stop point in case any assistance is necessary.

You don’t need to be super fit, but reasonable fitness is recommended. When taking the routes with electric bikes , if you regulate the battery consumption, routes become very comfortable with time enough to enjoy the different areas without a significant physical requirement.

Each group is different, they are usually fun and adventurous. We tend to have people over 50 years old but also younger people, in any case the group will normally be homogeneous in terms of interest and character.

Dduring the tours we recommend shorts with good protection (depending on the month of the tour is recommended long meshes), t-shirt or similar, light clothing against the cold / wind, rslicker, cycling gloves, and above all shoes with hard sole that facilitates pedalling and that ensures less tiredness at the end of the day. We also recommend wearing sun and lip protection.

Prices are based on double or twin rooms, depending on whether you are going with your partner or a friend. If you choose this option and you are on your own, you will be with another member of the group (same sex) in a twin and occasionally in a triple. The single room option is possible and carries an over cost that is specified on each of the routes.

As we have already mentioned in the general information, we carry our Bike Tour with Electric Mountain Bikes. Handling of these bikes does not require special training. During the first day bike fitting will be performed by the guide, gear change, and proper use of battery levels, will also be instructed by the guide. The recommendation is to handle these two controls in such a way that we have adequate battery consumption for the day’s tour. Batteries usually last between 80 and 100km varying upon use during the route at different levels. Once the route of the day is finished, we must remove the battery from the bike and with the chargers supplied by the organization proceed with an overnight charge, so that the next day is 100% charged.